In Colle Moro Resort the pleasure of hospitality and the art to make you feel at ease in our home are part of an ancient tradition. The welcoming attitude expecting you, made of courtesy and intimacy, will be able to cross the limit of kindness without passing that of intrusiveness.

The lounges, with armchairs next to the fireplace, the collections of disks, musical instruments, the precious monographs in the library will offer you enjoyable moments of sharing. On the porches and in the gardens, equipped with tables, armchairs, camp beds, hammocks and else, you will find moments of leisure and relax in the fine weather.

In the rooms of B&B Villa Maria, with books on the shelves and scrapbooks to skim, you will find the atmosphere of an experienced house … “details” that make the difference between a “home” and a hotel.

What we wish to offer you is not only rooms, but anything surrounding us. It will be a pleasant surprise to wake up with the blackbird’s whistle and look out the terraces to admire the Adriatic, the Gran Sasso, the Majella, while the hoopoe pecks rapidly on the meadow. The surrounding land, the wood and the garden, rich in any sort of trees and colored by flowers in every season, will let you find again forgotten sensations.

After a day spent on the seaside or an excursion in the mountain parks, it will be nice to rest in the freshness of the hill before plunging again in the worldliness of nightlife.


Collemoro Resort - B&B Villa Maria

Via Leonardo Petruzzi, 15 - 65013 Città Sant'Angelo (PE)
Telefono +39-348-3813195
Fax +39-085-95275