Grandma Maria (The Muse…)

Unflagging woman despite she’s over 80, the queen of the house, flower lover, she’s always busy in welcoming the many guests coming to Colle Moro for affection or for work. When she was left alone in the big family house Grandma Maria never gave up but decided to open home to those who had enough time and curiosity to enjoy the many details enriching Abruzzo and this slice of heaven. Se is the inspirer and initiator of this adventure.

Andrea (The orchestra conductor… he can’t play any instrument!)

Andrea is back from the seas. For thirty years he’s been sailing the Mediterranean on his Mazzemarelle, leading tourists towards the charming discovery of the wonders of our islands and their sea. After thirty years spent enjoying with his guests the infinite shades of blue, red, grey, yellow and white that sea is able to offer with such a generosity, he has dropped his anchor under the overwhelming magnolia facing the Colle Moro house, to devote himself with new guests to the (re)discovery of Abruzzo colours, perfumes and flavors.

Palmina (Viola…)

“Not a cook, but a cooking woman!”. For 40 years being Grandma Maria’s adventure mate, she came to Colle Moro saying “I can’t do anything in the kitchen”; “It means you’re gonna learn” Grandma Maria answered. Today she is the memory of the country culinary tradition, of those recipes lost in time: the scrippelle ‘mbusse, the pasta alla chitarra, the tomato sauce with meatballs, the pallotte cac’e ove, the scrucchijata, the cilliprine, the country pie, …

Iryna (Cello…)

Grown up in the wide Ukrainian countryside, encouraged to come to Italy by the huge problems of those regions, after urban experiences in “houses where you could shake hands with your neighbors through the window”, in Colle Moro Resort she found the pleasure of being in touch with nature. She’s the fairy of the house, her attention for details, colours, perfumes guarantee warmth and freshness to your stay.

Gabriele (Double-bass…)

He plays in the shadow, standing aside, you can hardly hear the tune but it’s him who gives “voice” to the music. He’s been taking care of plants for forty tears, every sprout, every flower in the estate. The green paradise surrounding us is the result of his continuous attentions, of his untiring rhythm. Our oils’ fragrances, our fruit’s scents, the freshness of our vegetables are the result of his perseverance.

Guests (violins, flutes, clarinets and mandolins … the soloists!)
…. it’s you, the Guests of Colle Moro, the first instrumentalists, soloists that play the melody of our concert!


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