Because of a series of unpredictable changes “Uncle Romano”, a very charismatic man, after war had found himself leading a big family, one of those where many generations of relatives share house and job, interests and affections. A family made of uncles, cousins, nephews, “godmothers” and “godfathers”, in which the youngest ones find hard to understand who are all “those gentlemen” attending the house and calling everyone “uncle” and “aunt”, relatives or not, who appear to be over 30.

The “religious holidays” were a pretext for big family reunions and a chance to see again close and distant relatives, among which maybe an incomprehensible American “uncle”, able to speak just his ancestors’ dialect, a language unknown to the youngest; all this among the thousands delicacies prepared by the aunts’ untiring hands, within overlapping stories, games and musical – theatric exhibitions.

In the early Seventies, the resort group set in Pescara with uncle Romano as its patriarch , once made up of three very close families all living in one house in the city, decided to run away from a town turning into a cement jungle and looked for more open air spaces in the countryside. That is when Colle Moro property was born, with its three villas next to the previous farmhouse; as well as the park surrounding them, result of Uncle Romano’s passion for the countryside and Aunt Maria’s (“Grandmother” today) for flowers. For thirty years they’ve been seeking and planting any kind of trees and flowers, local species and not, often forgotten, turning the original bare hill into the green paradise that we can admire and enjoy today.

Yet things change in time: little by little new exigencies, new cultural unrests, new economical perspectives, new human chances have pushed the (back then) young people towards other paths, other destinations. Colle Moro settlement persistently began to depopulate until 2003, when Granma Maria was left almost alone defending the position.

From her love for this place, her perseverance, her desire to keep it alive, as a crossroad of interests and affections, she opened its doors in order to give it new strength from the sharing. Her son Andrea gives her a hand. For thirty years he’s been travelling the Mediterranean on his Mazzemarelle, a classical sailboat, leading tourists towards the charming discovery of Mediterranean islands wonders, and the infinite shades of blue, red, grey, yellow and white that only sea is able to offer with such a generosity.

Now he has anchored his boat under the overwhelming magnolia facing the Colle Moro house, to devote himself with new guests to the (re)discovery of the colours and emotions enriching Abruzzo so much.


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